Friday, August 29, 2008

New Bern Battlefield Visitor Center

On a ramble around the internet today, I saw were work has begun on the visitor center for the New Bern battlefield. I was over in the area not long after I began blogging. The driving force behind the battlefield and the new visitor center is the local historical society. It is good to see local organizations working hard to preserve local history.

For more information, check here and here.


Battles said...

I am curious about the head gear worn by the horseman at far right in the print accompanying the item pertaining to the New Bern Civil War Park. Is that a tassle attached to a type of turban?

Anonymous said...

Typical non-correct steel engraving image showing a Zouave soldier (with a fez and tassle type of headgear)--unfortunately for the aritst, there were NO ZOUAVES at the Battle of New Bern of March 14, 1862--just literary license of fantasy on the part of the artist. Will Gorges