Monday, June 09, 2008


Yet again, I've had a busy weekend. I spent Friday morning working at the Avery County History Museum. Friday afternoon I interviewed a 93-year-old man and worked some on my Mitchell County project. Saturday, I loaded up the truck and went to Plumtree, here in Avery County, for the annual Avery County Heritage Festival. We sent up a camp and did a little Civil War interpretive work. I also sold a slew of books and picked up some new information on the 58th NCT. Sunday morning, I got up early and headed over to the reenactment in Jonesville, Virginia. I sold a few more books, participated in the reenactment, and most importantly, might have discovered the final resting place of a dozen plus members of the 58th NCT who died while stationed at Cumberland Gap in September and October 1862. I am going to a wedding in Cumberland Gap in August, so I'll report more on this when I return.

It was an extremely hot weekend. Saturday was in the upper 80s. On Sunday, when I made it back to my car, the temp was 99. I came home acouple of pounds lighter!

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