Monday, April 21, 2008

1929 Charlotte Reunion pt. 2

After the parade, many participated in a "Memorial Hour", where the members of UCV, SCV, and CSMA gathered to pay "tribute... to departed comrades and members of the three organizations" Associate Justice Herriot Clarkson gave an address. General Goodwyn "gave a brief tribute to his departed comrades, and a silent prayer was held for Henry L. Wyatt, of North Carolina, first soldier killed in the war..." others also offered up small tributes.

Other events highlighted the program. There were receptions, teas, garden parties, dances, and veteran ball. One observer wrote: "many [veterans who] seemed too feeble to walk any distance could shake a wicked foot when the music called for action." A special concern was held in Independence Park, "where a score of bands, under the direction of Capt. Taylor Branson, leader of the Marine Band, gave a joint concert, concluding with "Dixie: and the "Star-Spangled Banner..." A play depicting the rise and fall of the Confederacy was witnessed by "many thousands."

Two comrades passed on while at the reunion. One was "General" Cortez A. Kitchen, Commander of the Missouri Division, UCV. The other was Maj. John Hancock of Austin, Texas.
Finally, just after the reunion, a "reunion Marker" was dedicated.

"An interesting occasion following the reunion was the dedication, on Friday afternoon, of a memorial marker at the new Auditorium which commemorates the holding of the thirty-ninth annual reunion in Charlotte. The marker as the gift of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Rev. Albert Sidney Johnston, SCV, presided over the exercises. The veil was drawn by Thomas Jonathan Jackson Preston, great grandson of Stonewall Jackson, and little Nancy Palmer Stitt, granddaughter of Capt. William Morrison Stitt. The official roster and records of the reunion were placed in the memorial. Dr. Own Moore gave the dedicatory address, and the exercises were closed with taps."

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