Thursday, March 13, 2008

Endangered battlefields

The Civil War Preservation Trust’s annual report on the most endangered Civil War sites has just been released. Antietam and the proposed cell phone tower tops the list. What is surprising is the number of "non-large" battlefields that made the top ten, like Natural Bridge, Florida.

There were no North Carolina sites in the top ten. There was one Tar Heel site in the "15 Additional Sites at Risk." That site is the battle of Yadkin River Ridge.

Fought on April 12, 1865, this skirmish six miles east of Salisbury, pitted a makeshift Confederate force against elements of Stoneman’s command. The fight was more of an artillery duel, with Federal loses estimated at 16 killed, with Confederate losses at one or two killed, and a few wounded. The Federals decided that the Confederates were too strongly entrenched and retreated back to Salisbury. You can read more about the battle at Yadkin River Brigade here.

The Civil War Preservation Trust wrote that

In August a developer seeking to build a racetrack near the site of the last Confederate victory in the Carolinas began excavations and grading activities without county permits, repeatedly ignoring stop work orders from government officials. Although a court eventually issued a restraining order against the developer, they still predict a summer 2008 opening.

Not a member of the Civil War Preservation Trust? Please join. It is a great organization!

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