Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well, I was supposed to be off to Petersburg today for the Ivy Ritchie trail. Our local weather guy changed the forecast yesterday, to sleet and snow, starting at noon and lasting through the evening. So, I opted to stay home.

I’ve come to a place in the 58th NCT manuscript where the color guard of the regiment is awarded four Colt revolving rifles (from the 21st OH) for their role in the attack on Snodgrass Hill. That’s pretty cool - Colt revolving rifles. I wonder how the fifth man in the color squad felt? There should have been six men in the color guard. One to carry the flag (often a sergeant) and five corporals.

But, here is my problem - I don’t know what type of flag the regiment carried prior to January/February 1864.

I ran into this same problem when I was writing about the 37th NCT. The first flag that I could find good documentation on was their 3rd bunting ANV flag issued in early December 1862. What the regiment carried through New Bern, Hanover, Seven Days, Cedar Mountains, Second Manassas, Harper’s Ferry, and Sharpsburg, eludes me to this day.

So what do you think? Did they have a state flag? A department of East Tennessee (McGowan’s) flag?

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