Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Gettysburg Encyclopedia

This afternoon, I received an email from the fine folks at Savas-Beatie Publishing. They are compiling a Gettysburg Encyclopedia, and I had the honor of writing the entries on Brig. Gen. James H. Lane and on Lane’s brigade during the Gettysburg Campaign. They are hoping to have the book "in hand" by the end of year, or early next year. I am really looking forward to the book’s release.


Theodore P. Savas said...

Hello Michael

We are pleased to have you aboard this project, which as you can imagine is a mammoth undertaking. I believe Mr. Gottfried has about 90% of the entries in hand, and the other entries are being penned now, or will be.

Soon, our website [] will feature bios of the contributors, a list of topics, selecgted excerpts, interviews, and perhaps a forum for people to comment on the topics, suggest additional coverage, and so forth.

Our goal is the production of one(rather large) volume for the campaign that, while not intended to be definitive on any topic, will provide sound references, thumbnail coverage on many things at the least, and much deeper and broaders coverage on others.

We do not have a publication date yet, but almost certainly in 2009.

Hopefully, readers will find this labor of love useful.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Congratulations Michael! Savas-Beatie is a well respected, top notch publisher. Your association with them is something of which you should be quite proud.

Best wishes on the success of the book!