Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Program last night

The program last night at the public library in Spruce Pine was great. Sixteen people gathered and we spent two hours on all aspects of the war. While the previous meeting in Yancey County focused on "battles and leaders," our discussion this time covered politics and local history.

I would really like to see these type of discussions going on in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Events are already in the works to hold "round table" discussions about the War in Avery, Watauga, and Caldwell Counties next spring, and I am quite certain that we will hold meetings in Yancey and Mitchell again. That leaves 95 counties to go.

While I could not participate in discussions in all of North Carolina’s counties (that would be something like three a week, considering I don’t travel January through March), I think that I’ll work toward as many as possible.

If you are interested in having a "_____ County and the Civil War" discussion in your county, please drop me a line at

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