Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We got back from our trip west late last night. I did not get to a third of the places that I wanted to or needed to visit. But, I had a great time nevertheless. Boy was it hot! I did not take this trip this past summer because of the heat. It was in the 90s the whole three days that I was gone. I will post more about the trip later.

This photograph was taken at Ft. McCook at Cumberland Gap.

I did pick up a couple of new books:

A Masterful Retreat: The Story of the 7th Division’s Retreat Across Eastern Kentucky from Sept.17 - Oct. 3 1862 by Lewis D. Nicholls (Avant Grade Publishing, 2006)


Capt. Ed Baxter and His Tenneessee Artillerymen, CSA (Baxter’s Company, Yennessee Light Artillery) by Dennis J. Lampley (Westview Book Publishing, 2007)

I’ll have a report on these in the near future.

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