Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yancey County program last night.

Last night, we had a Yancey County and the Civil War discussion at the public library in Burnsville. Talking about the war is one of my greatest joys. And, for a little over two hours, that's all we did. The topics ranged from Longstreet, Lee, and Stuart at Gettysburg; to A.P. Hill, Braxton Bragg, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the role of cavalry during the war, and a host of other topics. The questions and answers came as fast as they could with not much down time. Seventeen people were on hand. As I said, spending two hours with a group of fine folks just talking about the war is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

We are already talking about doing this type of program again in November in Mitchell County. I would like to see this type of grassroots discussion of the war in every county across the state. If you are interested in helping organize one in your community, please drop me a line at:

The Civil War Trails marker program here in Avery County is proceeding slowly. I did meet with a couple of folks on Friday. Hopefully, I'll have something to report on soon. I'm also working with some folks (Cheryl Richardson) on getting a section of the Old Turnpike Road in Avery County designated a scenic by-way. This is part of a road used by Federal soldiers escaping from Salisbury and heading into east Tennessee during the war.

Civil War preservation and interest is alive and well in Western NC!

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