Sunday, July 08, 2007

I got an email from a friend a couple of days ago. He is interested in a group of Georgians stationed along the coast of North Carolina in April 1862. One of the soldiers wrote a letter headed "Bivouac of the N. C. Battalion, near Elizabeth City, N. C., April 24th 1862." It is believed that the letter was written from the Richardson’s Farm or Richardson’s Mill area. Does anyone know to what NC Infantry Battalion the writer is referring? It is not the 2nd North Carolina Battalion - they had all been captured and sent home on parole. Another clue - The Georgia writer also writes "that after the evacuation of Norfolk and Portsmouth, this battalion marched to Petersburg with Huger’s Division"

Does anyone have any idea to whom the writer was referring? I told my friend that I’d throw this information out and we’ll see what comes back in. I’m looking forward to seeing what surfaces!


charles said...

Wish I could help you on your search.I'm researching the battle of south mills and elizabeth city and this gives me something to look for.If you have anything on south mills or elizabeth city nc that you don't mind sharing e-mail me at

Bruce Long said...

The 3rd Georgia Infantry was posted at Richardson's Mill shortly after the battle of Elizabeth City in Feb. of 1862. They built entrenchments while there. Later they were recalled to Portsmouth. They returned to the area in April of 1862 and reoccupied the entrenchments at Richardson's Mill.