Thursday, June 07, 2007

Civl War Trail markers in Avery County

Thanks to the Civil War Interactive web page for the mention of this blog.

I’m off to two meetings this afternoon. The first is our regular monthly meeting of the Avery County Historical Society and Museum. I’ve been on the board of directors for about three years now. This afternoon, I’ll be discussing the Civil War Trails marker program in Avery County. There are four sites that I’ve recommended:

First, the site of Colonel John B. Palmer’s (58th NCT) house. The home was burnt by Kirk’s raiders in June 1864. This is also the site of Camp Martin, where portions of the 58th North Carolina Troops were mustered into service, possibly even trained.

Second, a marker on Keith and Malinda Blalock. While their graves are accessible, there is no good place to park. I am thinking about Grandfather Mountain for this marker. The Blalocks hid out on Grandfather, and their underground railroad ran across the northern portion of the mountain.

Third, a marker in Cranberry dealing with the Cranberry Iron Ore deposits. This site employed a couple dozen men during the war. The iron was transported via wagon to Morganton. Some was taken to Asheville to be used by the Asheville Armory.

Fourth, a marker in Banner Elk, where the escaped Salisbury POWs and other dissidents arrived, often under the care of the Blalocks. Usually, one of the other scouts met them (like Dan Ellis), and they continued on their journey to Kentucky and Tennessee.

That second meeting begins a hour after the first and involves the Avery Heritage Council. The markers are one of the items on the agenda.

The article about Vance’s Legion is shaping up. I’ll post more information soon.

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Andrew Duppstadt said...

I was very pleased to see your post about the Civil War Trails program. As a board member for the NC Civil War Tourism Council, I have had a hand in getting that program off the ground in our state. I am glad to see that the western part of the state is now getting their due and jumping on the bandwagon with this program. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for local communities to showcase their history. I'm glad that there are dedicated folks like you who are willing to put in the time and initiative to get these markers put up. The matching funds available from NC Tourism will not last forever, so those that snooze definitely will lose. Thanks for your hard work and good luck with the markers!

Andrew Duppstadt
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