Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Confederte Monument in Wadesboro

I got home from out rambling in the Sunshine State late Saturday night. There has been plenty of catch-up work on Sunday and Monday. Last night found me in meeting with the SCV Camp in Wadesboro, North Carolina - a fine group of folks.

I took these two photographs of the Confederate monuments in Wadesboro. The first is the monument to Women of the Confederacy, dedicated on September 22, 1934. It is on the courthouse grounds.

To its right, is the second, older monument, dedicated on January 19, 1906. The bronze soldier on the top is made in the likeness of John Richardson of Ansonville.

I was informed last night of a third monument, this one inside the courthouse. We’ll see if we can’t get more information on this marker.

I had a very good question last night that I could not answer - what percentage of the Confederate markers in North Carolina have soldiers crowning them? A little research should provide an answer.

I had another good question a couple of weeks ago, a question that I’ve not yet been able to answer - when was the first Iron Cross placed on a Confederate grave? (North Carolina or otherwise). I know that Iron Crosses were prevalent prior to the US Government-issued tombstones. If you have an answer for me, drop me a line at

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