Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've been everywhere, man...

Folks - I will be on the road quite a bit over the next two weeks. Tonight, I’ll be in Burnsville. Tomorrow night, Salisbury at the Rowan County Library. Thursday night, in Forest City, Friday, at the Avery County Museum in Newland (from 1 until 4pm) and Saturday, in Asheville, speaking at the state MOS&B convention.
Next week is just as active. On Thursday morning, I’ll be speaking at the CWTP’s national conference in Portsmouth, Virginia, and that evening, at the Hanover Dragoons’ SCV Camp. They meet in the historic Slash Church. On Saturday morning, I’ll be at a 37th North Carolina marker dedication in Wilkesboro, NC, and that afternoon (and Sunday afternoon), I’ll be back in Burnsville.
Hope to see you around.

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