Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pvt. John Barefoot

A couple of days ago, I mentioned a lone, marked North Carolina grave at Blandford Church Cemetery. That marker is for John Q. Barefoot. He was "born in Johnson County where he resided as a farmer prior to enlisting in Sampson County at the age of 35." Barefoot enlisted (conscripted?) On May 12, 1862, in Company B, 56th North Carolina Troops. He was a private. On November 29, 1862, he was admitted to a hospital in Petersburg, where on December 8, 1862, he died of "cont[inued] febris." There were five other Barefoots in Company B.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Michael. Perhaps this gentleman is related to North Carolina author Daniel Barefoot? (Let Us Die Like Brave Men: Behind The Dying Words Of Confederate Warriors)

BTW, I need to chat with you about the SCV meeting in Lexington in May. Can you email me your phone number please?


John Barefoot said...

I share the same name with this John Barefoot and he died exactly 100 years and 1 month before I was born.
John Barefoot
Atlanta, Ga.
born Jan. 8 1962

Justin said...

my great great grandfather. RIP

Justin said...

My great great grandfather, RIP