Monday, June 23, 2014

Regimental Histories – updated list

Friends, please find below what I believe to be an updates list of modern (post-1960) North Carolina Regimental histories. If you see something I have missed, please drop me a note.

4th NC Cavalry - Neil Raiford’s 4th North Carolina Cavalry, by Neil Raiford (2003).

6th NCST - The Bloody Sixth: The Sixth North Carolina Regiment, Confederate States of America, by Richard Iobst and Louis Manarin, (1965).

7th NC Cavalry - The 5th and 7th Battalions North Carolina Cavalry and the 6th North Carolina Cavalry, by Jeffrey Weaver (1995).

11th NCST - More Terrible Than Victory: North Carolina’s Bloody Bethel Regiment by Craig S. Chapman (1998).

18th NCST - Cape Fear Confederates: The 18th North Carolina Regiment in the Civil War, by James Gillispie (2012).

21st NCT - The 21st North Carolina Infantry, Lee Sherill (2014 – coming soon).

25th NCT - The 25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War, by Carroll Jones (2009).

28th NCT - The 28th North Carolina Infantry, by Frances Casstevens (2008).

30th NCT - To Drive the Enemy from Southern Soil The Letters of Col. Francis Marion and the History of the 30th North Carolina Troops by Michael W. Taylor (1998).

37th NCT – The Thirty-seventh North Carolina Troops: Tar Heels in the Army of Northern Virginia, by Michael C. Hardy (2003).

55th NCT - 55th North Carolina Troops, by Jeffrey M. Girvan (2006).

58th NCT – The Fifty-eighth North Carolina Troops; Tar Heels in the Army of Tennessee, by Michael C. Hardy (2010).

Thomas’s Legion - Storm in the Mountains: Thomas’ Confederate Legion of Cherokee Indians and Mountaineers, by Vernon H. Crow  (1982).